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About "Coronavirus Operation"

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About "Coronavirus Operation"
(We offer just a peek at what is happening)

This is "a planned" complete stop of the entire modern civilization, which has exhausted its meaning to the end. For those who still retain the ability to comprehend the ongoing, we suggest viewing several photographs from places on Earth, reflecting on the situation, and comprehending the options left. Without a doubt, there is a "certain plan" for a different future world arrangement that will save the planet from complete destruction by modern civilization.

By looking at the first steps of this project's implementation, it becomes obvious how harsh and merciless it is: so unexpected, abrupt, and intolerable for us! However, without such measures, it is hardly possible to overcome the inertia, because sociology, focus groups, and public opinion created not by us, but by those who position themselves to be the "rulers", they do not want to give up their comforts and their current life style even at the expense of you and the planet. That is why the first measures to stop the functioning of the "old world order system" cause such disagreement and protests from them. Nonetheless, these "measures" have been simultaneously launched in all countries around the world.

 It is almost senseless trying to explain to people what really is happening on our planet.

Instead of words, just take a look at these 27 photos that most convincingly prove my words that we are in grave danger:


Pic. 1. View of the densely populated Mexico City 
(more than 20 million inhabitants)

Pic. 2. An elephant killed by merciless poachers.
They left him to rot

Pic. 3. Fire in the rainforest. 
Wild goats grazed here once

Pic. 4. Excessive airplane traffic over London

Pic. 5. A huge truck carries piles of sand for recycling. 
Oil sand is the energy source of the future

Pic. 6. The stench of the Yellow River in Mongolia is unbearable for people

Pic. 7. Incineration plant and its surroundings, Bangladesh

Pic. 8. A fiery storm sweeps across Colorado.
A heightened risk of forest fires is a result of climate change

Pic. 9. Traces left from the extraction of oil sands in the Canadian 
province of Alberta

Pic. 10. Night view of Los Angeles. 
Energy consumption is colossal

Pic. 11. In Oregon, this beautiful forest was destroyed for the
construction of a new dam

Pic. 12. The region of Almeria in Spain, crowded with greenhouses

Pic. 13. Poachers proudly pose with the skin of a Siberian tiger they killed

Pic. 14. The mine “Mir” in Russia is the largest diamond mine in the world

Pic. 15. A dead albatross is torn from the inside by plastic debris.
People mindlessly throw their trash out on the streets every day

Pic. 16. India, New Delhi (more than 22 million inhabitants) 
from a bird's-eye view

Pic. 17. Maldives, a popular resort, threatened by ever-rising ocean levels

Pic. 18. “Black Friday” in the electronics supermarket.
Boise, Idaho

Pic. 19. Tons of broken electronic equipment are disposed of in developing countries. With the use of deadly substances these electronics are dismantled for the sake of precious metals

Pic. 20. The fate of the Brazilian tropical forests is passed to forests in Canada

Pic. 21. A landfill of used tires in the Nevada desert

Pic. 22. While the whole world was watching the events of Fukushima in 2011,
a few miles further a thermal power plant was burning.
All attempts to extinguish the fire were futile

Pic. 23. A polar bear starved to death in Norway.
Disappearing glaciers deprive animals of vital territory and food

Pic. 24. The merciless exploitation of the oil field in California

Pic. 25. A melting glacier forms a massive waterfall. 
Indisputable evidence of how rapidly climate change is evolving

Pic. 26. A brown coal power plant’s emission pollutes the air

Pic. 27. Indonesian surfer Dede Surinaya conquers a wave

So what about humans?
What are they now and what will they become?

 We must think about that so we can stop our destructive ways and adapt to a new reality. When the last tree is cut down, when the last fish is caught, when the last river is poisoned, only then will we understand that "we cannot eat money".

This prophecy is becoming an increasingly brutal reality.

Yet even now, not everyone comprehends how harmful our lifestyle is to the environment.


April 2020
Feodor Shkrudnev

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