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My experience in programming the SvetL Flora Generator

Автор: Rene Allen 197

When a magic wand falls into the hands of an inexperienced person, she, without having the concept and skills to work with such a supernatural device, is often lost for some time, not daring to try out her own strength. I too, for a while, looked more like a curious cat walking around an open cage with a live bird inside. I read several reviews about the work of the SvetL Flora device, carefully examined the magnificent photographs of the creations of the Human Mind, made by the same pioneers in the field of Life Technologies (as I was). However, since my results were, in my understanding, very modest, I could not gather enough courage to write a full-fledged article, finding (for myself!) multiple excuses that, well, I am so busy with all sorts of other things and I have no time to devote for writing about SvetL Flora or anything else of this sort. Nonetheless, the results and experiences have accumulated, and at one point, I decided not to postpone any further writing my own article about  Nicolai Levashov's psi-technology named SvetL Flora device. My dear readers, you will be the judges of the result, especially since most of you are users of SvetL Technologies yourselves.

For the past 20 plus years I have been living in the Midwest USA. In July of 2014, we moved to a new house, which was built on an empty lot, where nothing but weeds have ever grown for the past 100 years or so. Our soil is solid clay, and during winter months the salt from the road that passes right in front of the house densely covers all the plants in the flowerbeds, therefore only those plants that can adapt to these harsh conditions may survive. In the front yard, we planted a couple of Blue Spruce evergreens,  a birch tree, lilac and some other flowering bushes, one Star magnolia, and some perennials that can withstand Midwest winters in  salty clay soil. In the spring of 2015, in the yard behind the house, we planted rare varieties of fruit trees, which were very expensive at the specialized nursery: 4 apple, 2 pears, 2 plums, apricot, peach, quince, cherry and sweet cherry trees. Only 2 apple trees, a quince and one pear tree survived the following winter. All the other trees did not make it.

In March of 2016, I purchased Nicolai Levashov's programmable psi-generator named the "SvetL Device" (SLN in the USA) for my husband, and in November of the same year I purchased another programmable Dark Matter Generator (aka the "SvetL Device") for myself. And for the sake of experiment I also purchased two SvetL Flora Devices. All of Levashov's Dark Matter Generators are quasi-living and self-learning organisms that have a fairly high level of artificial Intelligence. Following the instructions, we buried one Device in the ground in the backyard. The second generator was placed in the ground a year later - in the summer of 2018. At first, after setting in my mind the program for the Flora Device, I expected almost immediate results overnight. To tell you the truth, after about 6 months I was somewhat disappointed, not in the SvetL Technologies itself, but in my own abilities to program the Dark Matter Generator. I also must admit that I knew very little about gardening. I grew up in an industrial city, and in our flat only lilies and a spider plant would survive. Also from school biology class I remembered only that flowers have stamens and pistils. So I had yet a lot to learn about gardening and various plants.

To be able to program the Dark Matter Generator, I had to learn to visualize the desired results first. In my mind, I diligently created the image of the dodecahedron enveloping our backyard territory, and then I visualized the images of beautiful fruit trees and berry bushes. It was incredibly difficult to keep in mind the image of an adult and a perfectly healthy tree with flowers and fruits, while some horrible looking disgusting beetles were crawling along our seedlings, devouring the leaves to the stems. Some other insects left rusty-looking spots on the leaves and fruits, which caused them eventually to die and fall off. In addition, the bark of several trees was covered with green mold, which I kept spraying with hydrogen peroxide liquid all summer!

Having placed the generator in the ground of our vegetable garden in November of 2016, in the spring of 2017 we found that all the grass around had died. It looked awful, especially in comparison with neighbors whose lawn was always manicured. Once I treated a neighbor with a strawberry on a twig, and, after eating the berry, she continued to hold the twig in her hand, and then put the twig in her pocket... She could not throw a twig on her manicured and sprayed with chemical fertilizers lawn!!! My husband persuaded me to stop my experiments and to call professionals to correct the situation with the lawn, but I wanted to continue my experiments with learning how to program the Dark Matter Generator. We do not use any fertilizer on our lawn. In the summer months, on weekends, when we drink our morning tea on the terrace, we like to walk barefoot in the dew. That is a part of our re-introduction to Nature. Those who live in the city will very well understand what a pleasure it is to walk barefoot in the morning dew in your own garden!

In the first summer after the initiation of the psi-Generator, except for the burnt-out grass, I did not notice any other results of the activity of the SvetL Flora Generator. However, local bunnies did notice the difference and began visiting and feasting on our lawn more often!

In the second year of my experiment with  the Levashov Technologies, in the spring of 2018, our lawn bloomed - white and pink clover buds pleased the eye, mushrooms modestly looked out of greens, and dandelions were gilded with joy among the perked up grass. The neighbors shook their heads reproachfully: "oh, why is it that you have so many dandelions, you should treat them with "round-up". They did not know anything about permaculture or Nature, and I had a different perspective on what a healthy lawn should look like. Neighbor's kids enviously watched as rabbits joyfully grazed on our lawn, squirrels played catch-up games, and soon the first tenants appeared under the roof of our terrace, where two Red Robin families made their nests right next to the spot where the SvetL Flora Device was buried. Robins were joined by a family of groundhogs ... or rather, at first it was just one groundhog, and then he brought over a girlfriend, and they had four small, cute and furry pups, who - oh my gosh - simply destroyed my garden!

I had to buy a garden net and re-plant the seedlings. But it turned out that the brave groundhogs do not give up so easily - they dug up the aisles under the net - and once again devoured my garden. "Not again!" thought I, going through a list of my options to get them out ... Eureka! I rushed to the home improvement store to buy a cage-trap and yet another pack of seedlings. I also bought a much stronger net and then tucked it to the ground with pins and studs so that these voracious groundhogs could no longer squeeze their thick behinds through the net and get into my paradise of strawberries and tomatoes!

Two little pups were the first to fall into the trap - they were too light, and the trap did not work until both of them went in to feast on the bait. Oh, yes, my revenge was cruel - I cut up very delicious apples for the trap! Having caught the little robbers, we took them over to a parka few miles from us, where there was a pond, a bunch of flowerbeds, and even vegetable gardens, so they would not starve. Then we went back home to catch the rest of their gang. Grown-up groundhogs we caught one by one, and took to the same place so they could find and raise their offspring. The remaining two little pups, after seeing their parents in a cage, retreated from our territory for good - we won!

In that season in 2018, I re-planted seedlings three times. Much still grew, despite being late in the season. Melons and watermelons did not have time to gain strength, of course, but tomatoes fruited until the end of October. And in mid-November, I cut off the already dried stalks of tomatoes, on which about 20 more green berries hung. 

Our fruit trees reacted differently to the Generator in the first year. Some stopped growing at all, others gave rather modest shoots. I kept removing mold from their trunks and branches, and periodically tuned-in with Dark Matter Generator, trying to neutralize the fungus. Even though there was a lot of fruit on the trees - that year almost all of it fell off, struck by bugs, ants, or just dried out on the branches. But I did not give up! "The grass grew again" - I thought, "so the trees will wake up ... next year ... and they will be much stronger and begin to blossom and bear fruit again ... I just need to continue my experiments."  And so I kept on visualizing the healthy fruit trees and berry bushes in my garden, and guess what - that apple tree, which last year was almost killed by the fungal infestation, looks much better this year. Look at how many apples it got now!

In the spring of 2018, I had also planted two very young magnolias in front of the entrance to the house. One of them, planted right in front of the entrance door, constantly caught my eye, and apparently received more attention and energy from me. That magnolia tree stunned me with its multiple blooms: in 2018, it blossomed five times! The first two times there were too many flowers for such a young plant, and for the fifth time the tree gave only two blossoms, but it was already in October! I even rechecked the date of the photo I took - that's right, the last two buds bloomed in October. On the far right photo below, you will see the one of the last two buds spotted. Both buds opened, but the nights were getting too cold in October, and both flowers quickly fell off after just two days. The second magnolia tree blossomed only once that year, and noticeably lagged behind in the growth and volume of greenery. Looks like it would be necessary for me to give the tree more attention and see what will come of it ...

Magnolia #1, the year of 2018

During the three days that I worked on this article, gathering pictures and fine-tuning the words, the second magnolia tree developed new buds  - at the end of July! They are still very tiny, however, they were big enough to catch my eye among lavish greens.  Possible that tomorrow there will be more buds to see.

Magnolia #2, July 26th 2019th

Sometime late in the evening in November 2018, when all the deciduous trees had already dropped their leaves and sank into hibernation, I longed to see my SvetL Flora generator at work. The desire was quite strong, I even had like a wave going through my body a couple of times - and suddenly I saw it. It was incredible and quite unlike those images of the Generator that we see in the Healing Sessions. I saw a rather high multilevel structure, more similar to an ancient decanter of a dark blue crystal or glass, with curved domes of different sizes, heights, and levels, and some sparkles glistening on the outside, similar to the way snowflakes glitter. I eagerly peered into this miraculous structure, when suddenly inside, in the center of this "decanter" a deep purple-violet light shone, and a feeling of indescribable bliss came over me and filled up my brain, the like of which I had never experienced before. And then it was all gone. Since then, I have repeatedly tried to see the Generator again, but so far I have not yet succeeded in my attempts, though the memory of that bliss is still fresh.

It is now the third season with the Svetl Flora Generators. The spring of 2019 was extremely cold and rainy. The 3-year-old quince tree seemed to be dead after a harsh winter and long freezing temperatures. But I was in no hurry to dig out that tree, mentally wanting it to wake up. I recalled a similar situation with redwoods in the castle of Nicolai Levashov, when it seemed that the trees had died and they were prepared for cutting, yet Nicolai Levashov corrected the program of his Source of Life, which is also a Dark Matter Generator, and the redwoods came back to life. I really wanted my quince tree to come back to life ... And suddenly - the seemingly dead tree rapidly threw out more than a dozen new sprouts! They quickly reached almost two feet in length. The tree did not bloom this year at all, but it did not die. The photo shows that recently the tree was much taller, but the upper part of the trunk is now dead. If this quince tree still survives, then most likely it will be a low shrub, although I will certainly try to work with my SvetL Flora Device and make that tree stronger and larger than just a bush.

The other two trees that were planted in the fall of 2018 did not wake up in the spring. The cherry tree died completely, but the peach tree quite unexpectedly shot out two tall sprouts, and therefore I will not dig out that tree either.  I am becoming more and more interested in the outcome of this experiment with the psi-generators, which has been very interesting and full of incredible surprises! My husband claims that those two sprouts are not peach shoots at all, but weeds; however, I verified and they are a peach tree' sprouts!

At the beginning of April 2019, I bought 5 new fruit trees - they all bloomed rapidly, when suddenly at the very end of April we had a snowstorm and a thick snow blanket fell on the blooming flowers and trees. All the flowers on my trees died from the snow - except for my super-achiever magnolia! That tree managed to preserve the buds, which seemed to stand still unopened for several days until the weather improved. The icy upper petals eventually turned black and fell off, and the buds opened fresh and incredibly bright pink! The first magnolia tree bloomed for the second time this year before July 4th, and bloomed for 3 full weeks!

Magnolia #1, April 2019

Magnolia #1, July 2019, second bloom

All the new fruit trees seem to have recovered after the April snowfall and caught on. Then suddenly a peach tree was attacked by some kind of disease - all its leaves curled up into an ugly mess, became bumpy and reddish, and then died. I did not find any parasites that might cause this. I tuned to SvetL Flora generator and began correcting the program by emphasizing the filling up of the etheric and astral bodies of the trees so that they could gain the strength they needed for rooting and the upcoming winter, and after only two days I noticed that all the damaged leaves were now dry and new healthy leaves started to grow. Some of them grew much larger than before. The tree was saved! The pictures on the bottom left and in the middle are the pictures of the peach tree growing healthy new leaves, and on the far right is the recovering sweet cherry tree that lost all of its beautiful flowers in the snow blizzard.

Having just coped with this task, I suddenly discovered a new misfortune - an incredibly huge number of beetles on our apple trees, grapes, and new plum tree. There were 5-6 pairs of mating insects on almost every leaf, and these beetles devoured the leaves to the stems. I hate to tolerate this kind of insects, and therefore did not even want to take pictures of bugs at first. However, the photographs were necessary for my own tracking of my programming skills, and I courageously filmed the story with the beetles that flooded my experimental laboratory under the open sky. In the photograph, the beetles made a picnic on the grape leaves. 

With disgust for the beetles, I began to adjust the program once again. The next day ... there were no bugs! Not one! I was delighted - the generator truly understood my thoughts! Probably, it would be better to say that I correctly formulated and transmitted to the Life Generator the solution to the urgent problem. A few days later, I again discovered several bugs, and this led me to believe that, just as Nicolai Levashov, the creator of SvetL Technologies did, and as Feodor Shkrudnev, a student and a follower of Levashov, continues to do, I should check the effect of the Programs   and make corrections more regularly.

How did I get rid of the bugs? It's very simple - with my thought I programmed the SvetL Flora Device to "teach" the trees to produce such substances that would turn away the parasites, specific for every individual tree. And the next day I looked at the trees and grape vines in amazement - there were no bugs. But they did have their effect: one tree - a young plum - looks very damaged, the majority of its leaves have been eaten and  are discolored. I tried several times to strengthen the etheric and astral bodies of this tree, but there was no response. One evening, right before bedtime, I tuned in to the SvetL Flora Generator for help but could not manage to create and hold in my mind the image of a healthy tree. For some reason, I was only getting an image of a sick tree. I found on the internet a photograph of a beautiful plum tree with ripe fruits and began to create an image once more, but it still didn't work for me that time. I got tired. And all of a sudden something unusual happened  - again ...

From the spot where the SvetL Flora Generator was buried, and to the almost-eaten by beetles plum tree, a sparkly light suddenly ran across the ground as if on a runway. It ran to the tree and it was as if a web of sparks flashed in the crown of the plum tree. In some places the flashes were bright, in others they just blinked and disappeared. The tree seemed to have covered itself with a luminous transparent lacy veil - and everything disappeared again. I just gasped and stood still in delight. It happened less than a week ago, on July 21, 2019. At the moment I don't know what will happen with that little plum tree, and my quince tree, and the frost damaged sweet cherry, but I will continue working with my two SvetL Flora Devices, the Life Generators, and I hope that my plants will be ready for the inevitable and rapidly approaching harsh Midwest winter.

For those of you who would like to learn more about Nicolai Levashov' Technologies, visit these websites:





Rene Allen
Chicago, July 2019

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