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Dear Associates, Friends and Followers of Feodor Shkrudnev

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I decided to act according to my Conscience and Intuition,
and not as the MAJORITY of people tell me to.
Feodor Shkrudnev

At all times there were ordinary people living ordinary lives according to certain traditions and faiths, along with individuals, who resolved the global problems of humanity and directed the developmental path of the society.

Proper development allows a person to reach a fundamentally different level of possibilities.

We invite you to visit the personal page of Feodor Shkrudnev - a unique, extraordinary man, who fulfilled every stage of his life, and who, with confidence and dignity, carries on the work of Nicolai Levashov, Alexander Khatybov, Nicolai Morozov and other Great Russian Scientists.

Prominent People of St. Petersburg, Russia

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More information about the "Prominent People of St. Petersburg" project.

The Informational Resources Agency, along with the Worldwide Club of people from St. Petersburg, Russia, provide information on prominent and elite figures of Science, Culture, Art, business and management the city, people whose names are associated with the image of St. Petersburg as the cultural capital of Russia and its largest business center.

The project started in December of 1998, and is supported by the Administration of St. Petersburg.

"Prominent People of St. Petersburg" is a public network resource that introduces to the public those people whose life and work largely determine the present and future of St. Petersburg.

The project helps to strengthen the positive image of the city and increase its investment attractiveness. It also confirms the credibility and business reputation of the participating individuals.


26. 05.2020

Yury Ocheretyany
The New Knowledge Club

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