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A good omen? Certainly!

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A good sign: Residents of St. Petersburg once again saw a solar halo above the city.

They shared photos of that optical phenomenon on social networks.

"This is a sign!" The halo that arose over the city gave the residents a reason to leave self-isolation.

The weather in St. Petersburg continues to test the residents' patience, pleasing them with sunshine day after day, and forcing them to temporarily abandon the required self-isolation measures and go for at least a short walk. The people languishing in apartments have begun to see signs in optical phenomena.

On the 22nd of April the "Fontanka" editorial office received information from a reader who said that he had observed a halo in the sky over the Kurortny district of St. Petersburg, the appearance of which is more characteristic of winter.

"You won't see such a thing in self-isolation. A halo over the city! It is a sign!" - concluded the author of the photo.

A sign? Certainly!

The atmospheric phenomenon observed by the residents of St. Petersburg in the Kurortny district is of particular significance for the admirers of the works of Nicolai Levashov.

Round table on the subject:
"The Question of recognition of the Genocide of the Russian people"
The Russian Federation State Duma. June 10, 2010

 Exactly today, April 22, 2020, leading up to the anniversary of the Day of Victory of the Native Earth Control System (04.24.2012), the adjustment of the Source of Life to the changing working conditions of the Control System has begun.

The Source of Life at Work

The Energy Construct known as the Source of Life was described in the book of the same name by Nicolai Levashov. The author of the book used it when experimenting with plants.

Nicolai Levashov in his estate in France

In Nicolai Levashov's book, "The Source of Life" there are detailed descriptions of all the conducted experiments, shown in a great number of photographs. The experimental results were then used when creating the "SvetL" Programs. The Source of Life was located under N. Levashov's castle in France, and was later transferred from France to Russia.


"...A week after N. Levashov left for France, he called me by Skype from the Castle, and this was the first time I saw his office and all the things that surrounded him. I was just in delight with everything I saw. But those were not all the "surprises". Nicolai made it possible for me to "see" the Generator, which was under the Castle and which I have already mentioned. It was then that I learned that this Generator was "Hand-Made" by him, as well as why, when, by whom and for what it could be used. He "Linked" the structures of my Brain (let's call it - having opened my Brain) and the "structures" of the "Generator" itself (I would describe it as a kind of crystal in the form of two connected dodecahedrons located in a toroidal field of a luminous plasma of octaves 62 to 96; and all this reproduced in the state of non-inertial mass), and then "suggested" that I should create several copies of my Spirit (my Brain).

Everything was done in three spaces, if I can put it this way - neutrino, antineutrino and proton. This is the basic physics of the process. I did not think at the time whether or not it would work. I WAS JUST DOING WHAT HE SAID. When I saw my "creations" (there were 3 of them), I was probably the happiest Man on Earth. Nicolai suggested that I should "guide" at least one of the Spirits in some kind of action, and check the feedback. He explained that for this I should "engage" a Ring which I had on me, and someone else's "SvetL" Complex function. Without any hesitation, I sent myself to Moscow to my mother, who by then already had the "SvetL" Complex. Since I knew the location of her apartment relative to the Moscow region, the "copy" of my Spirit very quickly (almost instantly) reached my mother's "SvetL" Complex, which acted here as a powerful "landmark". The Spirit interacted with the "SvetL" Programs, having read almost all the parameters of the recovery process, and acted as a retranslator for my Brain. All this took no more than a few seconds, and I was already telling N. Levashov about my mother's condition.

He recommended that I should change some functions in the "work" of the Generator, which I did through the copy of my Spirit, which was in the room with my mother. At that time I could hardly have found the words to accurately describe all my sensations, and the physics of the process itself. Today I can do it. In general, everything worked out and confirmed the possibility of solving problems "at a distance". To do this, I need a map of the location of the person's home and a functioning "SvetL" Complex. Actually, it's not difficult to "find" complexes on other people. It just takes more time and energy, which can be replenished in the right amount and depending on the tasks being solved - by the Generator, if, of course, you can do it. This is where my lessons from France ended. Later in Moscow, upon Nicolai's return, we discussed everything in every detail, and he opened other possibilities of the Generator under the Castle to me, and showed me ways to use those possibilities for the Good.

Ultimately, all the value of the Castle was that Generator "under it". Nicolai did not fail to remind me of a case (already told once) regarding his good friend, whose Brain he had once "opened" and warned him that in order to experiment, you have to understand all the physics of what you are going to do. The friend was very inquisitive and decided, as an experiment, to try to "prolong" his life by creating a second heart. By the time he turned to N. Levashov, asking for help, it was too late. All Nicolai could do was to grant his friend a PAINLESS DEATH. I remembered it well and give this example to those who believe that they could "snap their fingers" - and everything works out. You can snap your fingers, but the big question is - then what? And what if the house collapses, as Alexander Khatybov used to say?

After N. Levashov's passing away, I practically did not apply (probably out of fear of doing something wrong) anything I mentioned above. And additionally, there were other tasks to realize. I had to put my efforts to further development of the "SvetL" Programs. The first time I decided to do this (when the Generator was still under the Castle in a practically shut down state) was for the sake of a man who had cancer and who lived in the area of Lake Baikal. Creating a Copy of my Spirit, I "sent" it with a specific "task", got feedback, and saw all that was necessary to be done. Once again, I became convinced how important it is to receive feedback and direct information, from myself to myself, as it were (as paradoxical as it sounds).

THE RESULT for that man WAS A COMPLETE RECOVERY. All this is confirmed in an article written by his daughter-in-law, a biologist by education, which was published on the RSTS website.

I do not regret what I have done, but, probably, the article was untimely. What followed was an unending flow of requests from both those who were participants in the Programs and those who were not, but were in the similar critical conditions. I could not refuse until I realized that my capabilities are still limited and that I just did not have enough "energy".  I began to have my own heart problems, and I realized that the continuation of such treatments could be dangerous. And apart from that I still had to "install" the Generators on the SvetL Complexes. That is also a heavy load.

THE DECISION TO TRANSFER THE GENERATOR FROM FRANCE HAD ALREADY BEEN MADE, but for certain reasons it was not possible to realize it in a timely fashion. It was necessary to transfer the Generator to Russia for purposes other than health recovery, but it is extremely useful for solving problems relating to the health of people as well.

Almost half a year passed and, as I mentioned earlier, "suddenly" those things of N. Levashov's that I was supposed to have, began to "come" to me. As soon as two rings appeared - the time of the Generator's "transfer" was determined and the place where it is now was also determined.

Everything went quietly and "in line with the plan", not counting the flashes in the sky in the place of its "installation", two fallen pines and scorched grass of a regular circle with a radius of about 50-60 meters. The grass "fully recovered" in three days. I was able to shoot everything on video because I participated in this "event". Here is one of the frames of the shot film...


Another piece of our common plan was implemented. I emphasize once again that the Friends of N. Levashov played a significant role in this event.

Many curious people would like to know the whole story behind what N. Levashov wrote regarding the Castle, its acquisition, and Svetlana's life in it, as well as the development of events concerning the Castle after his passing away. But I believe that TODAY IS NOT THE TIME TO TELL THAT WHOLE STORY to satisfy someone's curiosity. I know this story firsthand, and I'm not the only one.

Probably, the time will come - and this story (which is very interesting), as well as the story of some of N. Levashov's things - those that were both sold at the auction in November 2015, and those that were "in" his Moscow apartment and in the Castle, and some other things - will be written some day. One thing is important - the most valuable thing was under the Castle - and according to the will of Nicolai Levashov was transferred to Russia. Here is the answer to the question - why everything needed to continue my experiments with the Brain, the "SvetL" Programs, and to realize some other tasks suddenly "appeared". Energetically, I have recovered rather quickly, and I learned to "reproduce" as many of my "messengers" as the situation requires. Feedback has been established, and information flows almost continuously, as well as according to my requests.

Already today, you can write a whole book about how the Generator that was "transferred" from France has been interacting with the SvetL Programs to help people in difficult and practically hopeless situations. This is not boasting. THESE ARE FACTS. I can't publish letters of those whom I helped and continue to help, and their relatives, because this is a purely personal correspondence, but believe me - the final letters - gratitude with tears in their eyes..."

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April 22, 2020
Yu. V. Ocheretyanny

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