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About the missing BOEING and not only...

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NATURE is extremely COMPLEX, in its SIMPLICITY

2979159_10487252_603345976450718_3843741476897761808_n (403x226, 17Kb)

It is worth noting right at the outset that contemporary knowledge has been formed over thousands of years and each ‘latest word’ in science was generally accompanied by the burning of its author. A phenomenon, uncommon to science, has been established –if new scientific work actually reveals the secrets of nature, be it even for just a moment, the author is subject to public denunciation (or burned) but if the work represents open disinformation then it is followed with public honours, Nobel and other prizes, titles, etc. We do not claim to be pioneers, so when reading this material it should not be forgotten that it concerns fundamentally new concepts and technologies to address specific objectives that form the basis of work carried out by the "Russian Scientific - Technical Society" (the "RNTO").

Oddly enough, the main opposition to the introduction of any new technologies is the existing society. Modern society of the 21st Century is sceptically inclined towards creative people, inventors and scientists. It’s a well-known fact that the more complex a problem that faces society, the more money is spent on solving it. And, the more money, the more groups, individuals and organizations will try to get the job of solving the topical problem of the day. In this struggle, the winners, as a rule, are not those teams of specialists who are able to solve problems, but the lobbyists or other financial groups and product manufacturers who need a problem as their means of subsistence. After getting the job, the winner begins to absorb or suppress organizations, groups or individual researchers who have an alternative approach to solving the problem. Thus, problems are needed in order to make money. They can be artificially created. The more serious the problem, the more will be paid, and therefore the very existence of teams that can effectively address society’s many world-scale problems has become problematic. But they are still there.

The case of the ‘missing Boeing" and everything connected with it is a real-life confirmation of this. Moreover, it is an illustrative example of how crimes organized by the special services agencies of a state are hushed up, by a state which imagines itself (ie a group of persons), the supreme arbiter of the fates of the world’s peoples. However the time of their lordship has passed and the truth of what has happened will not be concealed.

Here are a few theories about of what happened:


2979159_DiegoGarsiya (596x351, 34Kb)


Photo: A picture has appeared on the Internet, apparently taken from the iPhone of a passenger of the lost Malaysian aircraft: the secret military basis, Diego Garcia, with a special prison that carries out tortures.




The loss of an aircraft with passengers on board is always a great tragedy for hundreds of people. On 7-8 March 2014, a Boeing 777 flew from Kuala Lumpur and disappeared. (My Opinion

No. 8: Malaysian aircraft of 10 March 2014:  http://kara-dag.info/moe-mnenie-8-malazijskij-samolet)

“The mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Boeing 777 flight MH370 has unsettled the world for over a week. At the present time 26 countries are searching for the airliner, but without result up till now. Various explanations are being offered – from the plausible (highjack or catastrophic accident) to the fantastical (kidnap by a UFO). The primary theory is that of a highjack.

The Malaysian Airlines aircraft disappeared from radars on 7 March with 239 passengers on board; primarily Chinese nationals, but there was also one Russian. The airliner was flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and was about half-way, over the South China Sea when it ceased communicating.

The missing plane is being searched for by 42 ships and 35 aircraft from different countries, with the active participation of aircraft and ships from Malaysia, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and the United States. Data has been analysed from radiolocation stations and military radar facilities in Pakistan, Indonesia, India and Thailand. Searches were initially conducted in the South China Sea but later the search area was expanded and now includes the territory of 11 countries over which the aircraft could have flown, including Pakistan, Afghanistan and China. The search also expanded to Australia’s west and to the east of Kazakhstan. http://www.pravda.ru/world/18-03-2014/1199955-boing-0/

WE TALK ABOUT A MYSTERY, WHEN THERE IS NO COMPREHENSIBLE ANSWER. The official versions confidently lead people away from the reality, which still exists, and there can be no suggestion about any ridiculous UFO abduction or laser destruction of the aircraft, when we understand the reason for the secret of the Boeing 777.

There is a struggle for technology and ‘brain gain’ going on around the world. A war with cannons and slaughter does not always produce the desired results, and ours is an information age, not the iron age.

There were 20 specialists on board the Boeing 777 who in one way or another were connected with the US military complex. Twenty employees of the company Freescale were flying to a business meeting in Beijing. Twelve of them were citizens of Malaysia, and eight Chinese. All twenty specialists were as "bright” as could possibly be chosen. Apparently this particular team of scientists was formed and selected over a long period; those whose minds were the most valuable for Incognito, being interested in acquiring these brains. You can imagine the likelihood a "chance occurrence", or "coincidence", when 20 of the greatest experts gather on the same plane, and all of these twenty have registered patents related to the military-industrial complex. Of course, there is no randomness in the disappearance, in reality, kidnapping of the scientists, when you understand that all of the patents listed below have a connection with work and the transmission of energy over distance and with control over technologies: computer science, pesticides, crowd control, nuclear. Each field is unique in regards to its innovations and new developments.

For information: Freescale Semiconductor company is based in Austin. It works in the field of support for defence forces. Freescale’s commercial products cover a variety of sectors:

-Battlefield communication

-On-board equipment

-Tapes-radar HF-L and S


- E-War

-Identification; Friend or Foe (IFF)

A convention was to have been held in this field of research on 20 March 2014. Is this also a coincidence?

Two days before the departure of the Boeing 777 a patent was registered which had 5 owners. Four were Chinese, who were on board, and an American company, which is now the sole owner through the disappearance of the aircraft. This patent is for a technology that allows a plane to disappear from radar and to assume control over the aircraft from a distance.

The loss of a Boeing with such a ‘sweet filling’ can be excluded.The cargo on board was too precious. Let's look at the route and evaluate the situation. WHAT lies on the flight path of the aircraft.

2979159_99177302 (596x671, 54Kb)


The military base of Diego Garcia is located on flight path of the aircraft. It’s a secret base with a military prison, where torture is practiced. The island is completely closed off from people. Many years ago, the local residents were forcibly evicted and then sued and in 2006 won the case in the UK, hoping to go back home. But the decision was not implemented. The Americans spat on the UK court’s decision.


The prison on Diego Garciais the same as at Guantanamo; far from civilization with no where to run. It’s likely that all 239 passengers and the plane landed on this island. All the more so as one can cite as evidence the simulator on which the pilot of the aircraft trained. His training included landing the plane on a strip of 1000m, and the military base of Diego Garcia was included in the flight simulator.

On two small islands located not too far from Diego Garcia, people saw a low flying plane. In particular, residents of the island Kudahuvadhoo said they had never seen such a large aircraft flying over their heads. People jumped out of the house to see what was making such a noise. It seems that the missing Boeing 777 was making an approach to land. It was that same day from the 7th to 8th of March.

As we know, the telephones of some passengers rang each other for the next few days after the disappearance of the aircraft. A picture was sent from an iPhone and its geo-location indicated the Diego Garcia base. This image is at the top of the article. Nineteen families have signed a petition to ask for confirmation of the airplane’s location at the Diego Garcia military base.

I hope that people around the world will understand that 239 passengers will never return home from such a base. According to the laws of the military, civilians who happen coincidentally to on the same plane with the 20 scientists, should be eliminated as witnesses.

P.S. An interesting comment is to be found in the foreign press that "Russia tracked the movement of this Boeing." What does this mean? It’s hard to say.

Twenty names and patents of the scientist-passengers:

68 LI/YANLINChinese29
13 CHEN/JIANChinese58http://www.gene.com/
26 DING/YINGChinese28
32 FENG/
41 HAN/JINGChinese53*
50 JIA/
53 JIANG/YINGChinese27
58 KANG/XUChinese34
65 LAWTON/ROBERTMRAustralian58http://www.idexx.fr/corporate/home.htmlhttp://fr.e...amp;NR=2056112A1&KC=A1
85 LIN/MINGFENGChinese34
88 LIU/QIANGChinese40
96 LUO/WEIChinese29
SHI/XIANWEN Chinese 26
125 SONG/KUN Chinese 25
DONG Chinese 31
149 WANG/C
HUNHUA Chinese 34
150 WANG/C
HUNYONG Chinese 43
151 WANG/DAN Chinese 54
152 WANG/H
AITAO Chinese 26
NGGANG Chinese 27
158 WANG/YONGQIANG Chinese 30
161 WANG/RUI Chinese 35
166 WEEKS/PAULMR New Zealander 39
185 YANG/MEIHUA Chinese 65
187 YANG/XIAOMINGMS Chinese 59
SEMICONDUCTOR INC / http://www.triquint.com/
193 YUAN/JIN Chinese 63
199 ZHANG/LIQIN Chinese 43
201 ZHANG/YANChinese45
214 ZHANG/YANHUIChinese44ZTEhttp://fr.espacenet.com/publicationDetails/biblio?DB=fr.espacenet.com&adjacent=true&locale=fr_FR&FT=D&date=20130307&CC=WO&NR=2013029411A1&KC=A1
216 ZHANG/SHAOHUAChinese32
221 ZHAO/YANFrench18
224 ZHOU/FENGChinese56

Sources: http://blogs.mediapart.fr/blog/ariane-walter/14031...ose-des-brevets-123090419.html

Source: http://kara-dag.info/shokovaya-informaciya-o-malazijskom-samolete


Where did the Boeing disappear to - Ten main hypotheses

Mystery:It's been 40 days since the disappearance of the Boeing-777 over the Indian Ocean, but it is still not clear what happened to the plane


On Sunday, 20 April, Discovery Channel will show the program "The Missing Boeing: in search of the weakest link." The authors have made a selection of the most discussed explanations of the most mysterious plane crash in modern history. Each of these hypotheses will be discussed and analysed by technical experts invited on to the program.

1. Operations of a third state: this hypothesis started to be actively discussed after a flight simulator was found on the computer of Zechariah Shah, the crew commander of the missing aircraft. Its program included a flight plan to the island of Diego Garcia where there is a US military base. On the one hand, information from satellites eliminates this theory, but what if it had been possible to trick the tracking system?

2. Cabin depressurisation:an aviation expert from the University of Central Queensland, Ron Bishop says depressurisation could have been caused by a fire or other emergency in the cabin. If that was true, then the pilots could have turned the plane back to Malaysia and tried to make an emergency landing. If subjected to smoke and/or depressurization it is possible they may have lost consciousness, and the plane flew on autopilot until the plane ran out of fuel, and then fell into the ocean.

3. Fire due to a short circuit:if this theory is correct, then the pilots will most likely have turned the aircraft to the west to make a landing at the nearest airport. But the attempt was not successful.

4. Hijacking by terrorists: this theory was analysed especially carefully, but no evidence was found. Not one suspect or any group has claimed responsibility. It’s not yet possible to exclude this theory, but the question arises: why fly for seven hours in an unknown direction, losing the opportunity to seize hostages and ransom?

5. Control was seized from earth: such a hijacking is technically feasible, because this type of aircraft is capable of flying by remote control. But who could have done this and for what reason? No body has claimed responsibility for this yet.

6. Pilot suicide:Captain Shah and co-pilot Farik Hamid were checked out by special services, so this proposition seems unlikely. And then, why fly to distant lands before committing suicide?

7. Incidents on board:maybe there was a fight on the plane between crew members or passengers. This could explain the sharp drop in altitude after climbing to 14,000 meters. Perhaps the crew lost control of the situation on board?

8. Bomb:  this version is unlikely – US or other military satellites could have been able to detect a bomb on board. The hypothesis has been put forward, but is barely being seriously considered.

9. Explosion: the veracity of this theory is just as questionable as that of the bomb version - the explosion would be immediately detected by military satellites.

10. Theft of the plane:some speculate that the Boeing has been kidnapped for preparing a terrorist attack. Others argue that the attackers wanted to steal the cargo on board. An argument against the first theory is that there are thousands of other aircraft that would be easier to seize. The second theory can be refuted by the simple fact that that there was nothing particularly valuable on board; tropical mango fruit is not such a tempting cargo that it warrants hijacking a Boeing.


The Boeing 777 was lost over the South China Sea on 8 March 2014

·         Flight MH370 was in progress from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Beijing (China).

·         The aircraft is owned by Malaysia Airlines, operating jointly with China Southern Airlines. The search for the wreckage from the aircraft has not yielded results.

·         On 24 March, Malaysian authorities announced that the aircraft had apparently crashed and none of the people on board had survived. Payment of compensation was begun.

·         The search for wreckage continues. An automatically controlled deepwater apparatus "Bluefin-21” is working at the supposed site of the catastrophe.

7 April: Fate of Malaysian Boeing MH370: facts, speculation, theories

An expert in the field of air safety –about the mysterious disappearance of the airliner

Searches for the Malaysian Boeing 777 that went missing almost a month ago have not yet yielded any results. Sergey Melnichenko, General Director of the Consultancy and Analysis Agency "Aviation Safety" (KAA “Aviation Safety”) and a member of the World Aviation Safety Foundation shares his theories and arguments.

A few days ago, an American naval officer said the Malaysian Airlines plane may lie at such a depth that it cannot be found. Earlier, his name had not appeared at all in relation to the search, so we were somewhat surprised that a well known British newspaper had positioned his opinion immediately after the words of the Defence Minister and of the Acting Minister of Civil Aviation of Malaysia that the searches will continue until the plane is found.

What's this? The international community is being prepared for the circumstance that the mystery of flight MH370’s disappearance will remain unresolved? It is surprising that this happened against the background of a second wave of demonstrations by relatives of Chinese passengers, demanding of Malaysia that it disclose the conduct of investigations and explains its actions.

Initial payments have commenced to the relatives of passengers, HOWEVER, NO ONE HAS ISSUED A DEATH CERTIFICATE. Insurance companies are starting to consolidate funds for insurance coverage, but there is no way to quantify the grief caused by the loss of relatives and friends, and the losses incurred by society as a result of a reduced level of confidence that one will be found and rescued.

Silence of the ICAO

Under the rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the responsibility for conducting an investigation is borne by the country in whose territory an air incident occurred, or by the country in which the aircraft was registered.

In the course of its history, the ICAO has twice conducted investigations - in 1973 when a Libyan airliner was shot down by the Israelis over the Sinai Peninsula, and in 1983, when a passenger plane from South Korea was downed by a Soviet fighter.

Until now, the ICAO has provided no information regarding this incident which is disturbing the whole world, neither on the website of its ICAO headquarters in Montreal, nor on the website of its regional office in Bangkok.

It’s becoming clear that ICAO’s regulations do not fully address present day realities, as the situation with Boeing determines that Malaysia is the state with responsibility for the investigation, while the other 25 states helping with search activities are doing so on a voluntary basis.

ICAO probably needs to think about aviation regulation in respect not only to the territory and territorial waters of states, but also to the enormous reaches of ocean that do not fall under the jurisdiction of any one state.

The position of IATA

There were no statements from the General Director of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in respect of the incident, and this is understandable: until the investigation has found the plane and established at least preliminary causes of the incident, there is basically nothing to make a statement about.

In January 2006 Malaysia Airlines successfully passed an IATA Safety Audit (IOSA) and received a certificate that was confirmed by inspections every two years. The airline is also listed at the present time as having passed a safety audit.

On 12 March IATA published "Guidelines for the transport of lithium batteries" but did not refer to the missing flight in any way. A day earlier, the US National Council for Transport Safety pointed to the presence in the cargo manifest of lithium-ion batteries, which, if they were packed incorrectly, could become self-igniting. The shipper claimed that they were packed in accordance with ICAO requirements for carriage of such goods. This gave rise to a wave of rumours that a fire could have occurred on the plane. However, a burning plane can not fly for long, and the last signal from it was recorded at 08:11, that is, seven and a half hours after takeoff.

Maybe the timing of the IATA publication and discussion about the fire theory is just coincidental? No, is the answer …....

About the searches

How could it happen that despite intensive searches for almost a month in the a where the intensity of air operations is second only in the world after North America, but ahead of Europe, not even the slightest traces of an ultra-modern airliner can be detected?

First, in the South China Sea the Vietnamese military found some debris and oil traces, but the next day retracted this information. A senior Vietnamese military official said that their military radars were capable of finding objects on the sea surface measuring 2.5 x 2.5 meters, but then said that he had been misunderstood.

Then the Malaysian military issued a delayed statement that the aircraft was on their radars until it disappeared in the Straits of Malacca. In answer to a reporter's question at a press briefing on why in this case there was no coordination between military and civilian air traffic controllers, the defence minister offered the justification that his team "thought that the aircrew were carrying out the instructions of the civilian air traffic controller." Amazing carelessness! Do you imagine that the Defence Minister / Acting. Minister of Civil Aviation responsible for the investigation might quickly resign his post? You guessed wrong; he’s planning for the future, to get the post of the current prime minister (who is also his relative).

It was then reported that two residents saw a low-flying plane over the Maldive islands. Investigators asked the Maldivian police to urgently verify this information, and it turned out that these two residents just wanted to get on the news...

Clairvoyants, interpreters, shamans, actors and pseudo-scientific specialists appeared, firmly asserting – you have to search in this, or some other place. We know the result.

Wreckage was then found in one place, then another, and at a third, fourth, fifth ... And just today some items were raised on board a Chinese ship, but they have not been identified.


They began when the plane was likely still in the air. The air traffic control service of Malaysia only notified the airline that the plane had disappeared two hours after it disappeared from the civilian radar screens. Another six hours passed until official information appeared about the flight’s disappearance. It was only after three days that the Americans reported that their satellites had not recorded explosions in the air during the period of time of interest to the investigators.

It was only on 16 March that the first satellite images appeared showing supposed wreckage. And it was 19 March before Inmarsat specialists reported that the last signal from the plane's engines was recorded in the southern Indian Ocean. And only after another five days, they said that the plane should be looked for in a somewhat different area, not where they had been searching. And it was only on 28 March that information came that the plane was flying faster than had been supposed, and that the search area must be moved by another 1,100 km ...


Flight MH370 was serviced by ten flight attendants. Two pilots were in the cockpit - an experienced captain and a relatively young co-pilot. During the investigation, it became apparent that earlier during the flight the co-pilot admitted passengers to the cockpit, which is absolutely impermissible.

Things are even more interesting with regards to the captain. Ten minutes before the departure an unknown person calls him from a phone with a SIM card that was acquired on the basis of forged documents. A couple of months ago the captain was reprimanded for having disabled the fuses of one of the aircraft’s communication systems during a flight. Was he practising?

Married a second time, but with the second family also on the verge of break up, with his wife walking out, he was worrying a lot about this during the last few weeks. This is despite the fact that he also had another woman. Friends now say that he was in the sort of state in which one should not fly.

And also, at home a flight training simulator with five airfields in the Indian Ocean, and five days before the flight, he erases three of his flights from the training simulator’s memory. Where did he "fly" to? What situations was he training for? The FBI which promised to "extract" the erased information is silent, saying only that the hard drives contain "traces" of files were erased after the 3 March. What is this, incompetent work by Malaysian specialists involved in the investigation?


In the history of civil aviation there are several cases known when one of the pilots used some pretext to suggest to the other that they leave the cabin, then locked it and committed suicide, "taking" dozens of innocent people with him. Putting the aircraft into a sharp left bank, then climbing beyond the maximum allowable altitude, followed by an extreme descent, then levelling out, then again descending – this could all point to someone in the cockpit is trying to create accelerations to impede other members of the crew or passengers from moving around.

We also note: the ACARS and transponder were first switched off, and only after that the crew signed off with the civil air traffic controller. That is, a malicious intent is apparent, rather than equipment failure.

The plane has to be found

It’s necessary for the relatives of the passengers and crew members, because to live in ignorance of the fate of relatives is unbearable.

It’s necessary for Malaysia, to demonstrate that it can carry out complex searches and investigate all details of an incident no worse than developed countries of the world.

It’s necessary for MalaysiaAirlines, in order to show that its pilots are not bad types but heroes, trying until the very end to save passengers, the crew and the aircraft.

It’s necessary for organisations carrying out an aircraft’s maintenance, to prove that all its systems were working as required.

It’s necessary for the Malaysian consolidator, of the cargo transported by the plane, to prove that it did not contain any weapons or other dangerous goods, but only the cargo which was specified in the cargo manifest.

It’s necessary for China, because most passengers were citizens of China. And to discover if there was a conspiracy to do anything illegal against those Chinese citizens who might own some top- secret information or materials.

It’s necessary for Australia,to demonstrate its effectiveness in carrying out searches in the southern part of the Indian Ocean.

It’s necessary for the ICAO, to demonstrate that its packaging requirements for lithium ion batteries, which were transported on the plane, are fully adequate, and that it was not possible for a fire to break out on board because the packaging was not sufficiently reliable.

It’s also necessary for many, many others, for different reasons. But the plane is still not found. Searches were launched in the South China Sea, then moved to the Malacca Strait, then the area of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, then to the southern part of the Indian Ocean, and then shifted by 1,100 km ...

A circumstance in which finding the aircraft would not be wished for

Probably only in two:if it was some kind of diabolical operation by which-ever special services, or if the plane was shot down somewhere. In this case it’s necessary to drag out and waste time and to throw out false information to investigators about different places for searches so they will carried out in any place other than where is needed. Later, you can begin the gradual moulding of mass consciousness to the possibility that the plane may not be found.

SUCH PUBLICATIONSin the internet are numerous. However, for one which is closest to the truth one should read information from the Australian company GeoResonance.

Earlier, the Australian company GeoResonance stated that it had found the missing plane at the bottom of the Bay of Bengal, thousands of kilometres from the current search area off the coast of Australia.

The company GeoResonance, specialising in the search for mineral resources in the mining industry, using proprietary technology, announced that it had detected an object with characteristics completely coinciding with those of the passenger Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines what went missing in March this year.

Описание: article-20140429-BoykoRu-Malaysia-Airlines-GeoResonance-Boeing-777-1/2979159_ostatki (540x700, 133Kb)

A spectral analysis map of anomalies at the bottom of Bay of Bengal coincides with the outline of the Boeing-777 passenger plane of Malaysia Airlines MH3770 that disappeared on 8 March 2014.

The Malaysian government has taken note of the information provided by the GeoResonance specialists. According to this data an unknown object, which coincides with the characteristics of the missing Boeing rests at the bottom of the Indian Ocean about one hundred kilometres south of Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal.

The data was obtained by a special surface scanning technology that takes into account the presence of specific metals, minerals and compounds.This technology is used to search for mineral deposits. GeoResonance has also previously carried out engagements to search for sunken warships and aircraft on the ocean floor. In the case of the Boeing of the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight, specialists from GeoResonance searched for chemical elements that make up this particular plane - aluminum, copper, titanium and various steel alloys, fuel and other materials. The objective later became an air based search and scanning satellite data to locate the place where these materials are present in the same location.

At GeoResonance they claim that about 1.2 million square miles of the probable accident zone was surveyed in this way. "Multispectral" images were obtained from pictures dated to 10 March - three days after the disappearance. The images visibly show the outlines of a large aircraft. It is claimed that the anomaly arose precisely in the period between 5 and 10 March.

In a statement published in the press on Tuesday 29April, the Minister of Transport of Malaysia, Hisamuddin Hussein, confirmed that the government has decided, together with partners, to explore the accuracy of the information received. As at the present time, the search for the Boeing that went missing on 8 March of this year remains unsuccessful. Currently, the search operation is being conducted in the southern region of the Indian Ocean to the west of the Australian city of Perth, using deepwater maritime scanning devices.

MOSCOW, 26 June- RIA Novosti. Australia, China and Malaysia officially announced the relocation to the south Indian Ocean of the search area for the missing Malaysian Boeing 777 aircraft, contained in a statement by the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, Warren Truss, posted on the website of the Search Coordination Centre (JACC).

"Today, Australia, China and Malaysia have announced that the southern Indian Ocean is the top priority zone for future searches for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370", - according to the statement.

Initially searches were conducted in the area of the Malay Peninsula, where civilian and military satellites recorded the last data about the movement of the aircraft. However, later, the British company Inmarsat analysed its own data, which satellites obtained from the aircraft, and concluded that the airline could have broken up in the southern part of the Indian Ocean. After this, with the aid of underwater apparatus, Australian authorities examined a section of the ocean floor from which a signal had been received that was considered to be a beacon signal from a black box. However, these searches did not produce results, after which it was decided to revise the search plan.

"Experts have analysed the satellite data - information that was never intended to track the trajectory of the aircraft, and have carried out very complex calculations…..Now we are shifting the search area further to the south, along a southerly direction, according to these calculations" said Truss.

Currently the ocean floor is being mapped in the future search area. This stage of the search operation will take three months. It is expected that underwater searches in this area will begin in August, according to the statement.


If all the countries concerned have been looking for more than four months and cannot find it, it means that there are not looking in the right placed or don’t want to find it.


The coordinates that are PRESENTED (the vertices of the square) indicate the PLACE where the wreckage of the Boeing 777 is LOCATED.

The ocean current at this place, forms the shape of a "whirling funnel", and therefore the aircraft wreckage in this square, should over a long period of time float to the surface.

1.         LATITUDE - 20 degrees 15 minutes N

            LONGITUDE - 89 degrees 45 minutes E

2.         LATITUDE - 20 degrees 00 minutes N

            LONGITUDE - 89 degrees 45 minutes E

3.         LATITUDE - 20 degrees 00 minutes N

            LONGITUDE - 90 degrees 15 minutes E

4.         LATITUDE - 20 degrees 15 minutes N

This is the northern region of the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal (Eastern India). The position is located is on the edge of the continental shelf, close to the state of Bangladesh.

 In the indicated place there are THREE PARTS OF THE AIRCRAFT. Most likely it is a consequence of an explosion of the aircraft.
Before the aircraft was destroyed, it was "PLANTED" in the "base" somewhere in the Indian Ocean. A cargo that was on board was unloaded from the aircraft. THIRTY ONE PEOPLE LEFT the aircraft. After unloading the cargo and 31 people, all the other passengers were killed by gas. The plane took off with passengers already dead. At the designated point, the Boeing crew left the plane and reached the shore. After the crew left the plane was blown up and fell to the water, breaking up into three parts at the SPECIFIED COORDINATES. It's possible that the plane, with the dead passengers, was landed on the water. The crew left the plane by boat and then it was blown up (this is not of prime significance at this point. The main thing is that PASSENGERS of an aircraft flight who had NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER to what was happening WERE ELIMINATED. We all watch American war films with animated interest; special teams or individual heroes rescue women and children taken hostage, and destroy terrorists. But these are movies, whereas in reality we've got that which we have got, and it COMPLETELY CHANGES our understanding of the operational methods of US special services, the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc..
When the Americans began their planned withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, they somehow "let down their guard" and one of the CONTROL SYSTEMS of unpiloted (drone) flying devices was seized by the TALIBAN, who attacked the convoy, killing two of the SEAL personnel. The Taliban seized weapons, including the above-named system. The weight of this system is approximately 2 tons and it was packed in 6 boxes. This happened in February 2014.  The Taliban decided to get money for this "CARGO". They decided to sell the "SYSTEM" to the Russians or Chinese.
The Russian "leadership" at this time was "too preoccupied" by issues in Ukraine and ordinary "wheeler-dealings" in the military-industrial complex, not giving due importance to the offer.
The Chinese showed a DIRECT interest in the "product".
The Chinese understood that if they came to possess such a command and control system, then all American "UNMANNED DRONES" become INSIGNIFICANT and POINTLESS. A decision was taken and 8 of the best experts from China's Ministry of Defence were directed to familiarise themselves with the "SYSTEM" and to negotiate a price agreement.
At the start of March 2014, agreements were concluded and the 8 scientists sent the cargo in 6 boxes to Malaysia. They thought that this was "the best way to prevent discovery of the cargo and themselves". The cargo was delivered to the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia, under diplomatic protection.
Meanwhile, the Americans turned for help to Israeli special services and working together they tried to find and bring back the goods.
The Chinese decided that the safest thing was to use a civilian aircraft to transport the cargo, in order not to arouse any suspicion. A direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing lasts only 4.5 hours, and the Americans would not dare to seize a civilian aircraft or cause it any damage. They considered that flight MH 370 was ideal.
Five American and Israeli agents who know the Boeing well were able to get on board this flight. When MH 370 left Malaysian airspace and came under the control of the Vietnamese, the aircraft's signalling was switched off (disabled) using the American system AWACS and in this way the aircraft's control system was transferred to remote control mode. The plane began to lose altitude very soon.
How was AWACS able to do this? Perhaps, exactly in the manner that was the case on 9 September 2001. After September 11, 2001, all Boeing (and possibly Airbus) machines became equipped with special remote control systems to prevent a terrorist hijacking. Since that time, all Boeing aircraft are monitored remotely from land. A similar remote system is used for unmanned planes and spy planes. The five US-Israeli agents turned off the transponders and other communication systems, changed course and sent the plane to the west. They didn't dare fly east to the Philippines or Guam, as all airspace over the South China Sea is controlled by Chinese radars and satellites.
The airplane flew on over North Sumatra, South India and landed in the Maldives (the locals saw the plane landing), refuelled and flew on to Diego Garcia, America's air defence base in the middle of the Indian Ocean, where it landed. The cargo, the aircraft's black box and 31 people (including the agents) were unloaded and left at the base. The remaining passengers were "FORCIBLY SILENCED" by the most natural of means (lack of oxygen + special gas). After that MH 370 with the deceased passengers and with the help of the bribed crew and remote control, headed off and fell in to the southern waters of the Indian Ocean, thus creating the appearance of an aircraft crash due to "lack of fuel."
Americans presented the world with a "SHOW". First they divert general attention and concentrated searches in the South China Sea, while the plane headed for the Indian Ocean. Then came (began to be given) various conflicting statements and evidence with the aim of completely confusing everybody.
If the coordinates of the airliner's crash are given correctly, there will be the opportunity to recovery parts of the aircraft and the bodies of passengers. It won't be difficult for medical expertise to determine the cause of death of the passengers, which will confirm the conclusions presented here. Counting the bodies and identifying them, it will be possible to determine which of the passengers survived. Therefore, "searching" for the missing airliner will continue until the bodies of the passengers have disappeared naturally - decomposed in seawater.
The costs to China of the search, in terms of the number of aircraft, ships and satellites, first in the South China Sea, then in the Indian Ocean ARE UNPRECEDENTED. This indicates that China is very concerned, first and foremost, of course, not because of the civilian passengers, but primarily because of the expensive cargo and "disappearance" of eight senior military experts. All of this "OPERATION" of the US special services speaks today of the FULLY uncontrolled activity of these organisations around the world, in the interests of a narrow circle of persons that imagine themselves to be the "RULERS AND ARBITERS" of the fates of people worldwide.
A natural question arises; "To what extent can such information be trusted"? Firstly, we have given coordinates that can be VERIFIED and it will NOT REQUIRE those "efforts" that are being applied today, to HIDE the true picture of what HAS HAPPENED. There are several ships now in the area identified by us. Who do they belong to and what are they doing there? Nothing is being said about this in media. Secondly - we believe that THIS INFORMATION should be know by as many people as possible around the world, because it is only the TRUTH and perhaps the GUARANTEE OF SECURITY against all that is permitted to themselves by those who consider THEMSELVES (yet!) to be the RULERS OF THE WORLD. Third - we declare that the TECHNOLOGIES that we possess today will allow many "secrets" of the wheeler-dealers of power to be made public. Our position on this issue was stated at the beginning of this account. And finally - Today, we can DETERMINE THE ACTUAL LOCATION of any of the dead (or those who HAVE SURVIVED), wherever they may "HIDE" or be located, subject to the provision of such data as we may have need of for this.
In fact, WE BELIEVE that there should be an independent international investigation of this incident with the participation of the relatives of the victims, as independent arbiters.
"RNTO" Saint Petersburg, Russia
June 2014
The initial coordinates of the plane crash were determined by us on March 24th. This information was transmitted to the various international aviation organizations and to a number of foreign newspapers. As time passed, it was not difficult to make it clear that there is a "conspiracy of silence" about this "incident". Then - was "solved the task" of "recovering the scenario of all the events", comprehensively, where the loss of life and destruction of the aircraft, were the "cover" of deliberate actions of specified participants. After that, it became clear why the publication of this information was denied. We decided - to give this information to the open Internet.
Text, in full measure, was written on June 28th. It was decided to translate all the material into English and send it to the Fund, created by the victims' relatives, https://www.thehuntformh370.info/tip.  After that, it was to be published on the Internet. But the events, associated with the situation development in that area, the coordinates of which we decided to make public, started, during the last few days, to "grow" rapidly, thus confirming our findings. So, we decided to publish this material today.
6 June 2014

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